Solarhart Industries

Manufacture Solar Thermal Water Heaters,
Western Australia

Company history and description

Solahart commenced operations in Australia in 1901 and manufactured its first solar water heater 50 years ago. Renewable energy products manufactured by Solahart
include thermosiphon and split system solar and heat pumpwater heaters. These products are marketed in 70 countries around the world. International sales represent 40% of total business and in Australia Solahart enjoys a market share of 50%. This is complemented by Rheem’s 10% share.

Plant description

Located on 4.5 hectares, the Welshpool manufacturing facility
has undergone progressive upgrades over the past 5 years and now includes a Product Development Department with sales, distribution, service and administrative functions. Key manufacturing processes include press forming, welding, machining, enamelling, foaming, assembly, plating and blasting. Collectors are manufactured from both steel and copper with black chrome and sputtered selective surface treatments. Solar tanks are mainly manufactured at Welshpool, whilst vertical tanks are sourced from parent company, Rheem. Solahart is a significant player in the research and development of solar thermal products and Solahart products are accredited under a range of national and international accreditation schemes.