About BCSE

The Clean Energy Council is a member-based industry association representing the sustainable energy industry in Australia.

The Clean Energy Council represents the broader sustainable energy industry – covering renewables, waste-to-energy, gas-fired generation and energy efficiency. We have over 280 organisations as members, including installers and designers of renewable energy systems; large project developers and project service providers – including consulting engineers,
economists, financial and legal advisors; equipment and component manufacturers and suppliers; researchers and academics; energy retailers, and energy service providers. The common feature of our membership is their interest in meeting Australia’s energy needs with lower greenhouse emissions. Please visit our membership section for a complete list of current members.

The BCSE was formed in September 2002 through the merger of the Australian EcoGeneration Association (AEA) and the Sustainable Energy Industry Association (SEIA). Predecessors of these organisations date back to as far as 1976.

The BCSE is a leading advocate for sustainable energy in Australia and undertakes many activities and programs to build on and support the sustainable energy industry in Australia. These activities are aimed at building industry capacity and capability; addressing impediments; and promoting the benefits to potential customers. The BCSE is also actively involved in a large number of government and regulatory processes and is working heavily with governments on issues affecting industry development.

The BCSE chairs the Group that is working to implement the Renewable Energy Industry Action Agenda which is a joint industry government strategy to grow the renewable energy industry.

The BCSE keeps its members up-to-date with developments in the industry as well as regulatory and market developments that may have an impact on their business or may impact on projects that they are developing